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Bapasaba is a certain tale about uncertain matters.

Authors (all are from Nova Dubnica and like to come back to places where the sun sets over fruitful Povazie)
    Dipl.-Ing. Jaroslav Bednarik
    Dipl.-Ing. Rastislav Dobos
    Dipl.-Ing. Peter Gaspar
    Dipl.-Ing. Jan Petrek
    Dipl.-Ing. Ivan Rosa

illustrated by
    Dipl.-Ing. Valer Fabcin.

Bapasaba is a lakelet that unites and divides these authors.

Books published:

Bilancna sprava book jacketBalance Sheet (a practical and catastrophic and socialistic bestseller about three possible ways the planet Earth can be destroyed written by Rastislav Dobos © 1991, with a foreword by a famous Slovak poet Joseph Urban).
This novel has won the Third Place of the Ivan Krasko Award (1992).

What has been told on Earth, does not hold in the Universe. There the unspoken and unresearched holds. Philosophers are amazed. The world should be different. Specific experiments are shifting the boundaries.

By experiments we are empirically biting into the reality. This is the attempt of the book Balance Sheet by Rastislav Dobos, which is from a literary group of Bapasaba.

A world of cheap booze, pleasant surprises, unbound delight, love and humor; a world where there is no room for stray pigs, political baloney and rough men.

The book got buried in dust. Experiments recur. Something is making us itch. Something is biting us. To look back means to wipe off the dust from old books and learn from them. We should not repeat fruitless experiments.

"And God decided to say nothing, so he said nothing and said nothing until he started to drop off."

He had carefully laid His tired head upon the soft pillow of hard human endeavors.

Mlieč a Povetroň book jacketMilky Sap and Air Surfer (collection of stories, © 1994, by Jaroslav Bednarik, Rastislav Dobos, Jan Petrek, Ivan Rosa and illustrated by Valer Fabcin).
This collection of stories has won the Dominik Tatarka Award granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic (1995).

Traditionally literature writing has been a solitary activity. Well, what other sorts of things have been traditional? Every exception violates a rule, and so from now on we should traditionalize something new. While reading the book Milky Sap and Air-man we can be particularly surprised by a universal uniqueness we have in Slovakia. It is a story book of four authors who are featured under a joint brand as Bapasaba, and they create a world of stories looked at from different angles. The short stories represent their wholly fractured opinion on the phenomenon called life. Thus all of a sudden here we have a phenomenal writing. So, who knows how they are doing it? Are they writing in solitude in an empty room, or are the authors writing together in solitude?

Smrt kozy book jacket

Death of the Goat (collection of stories, © 2002, by Jaroslav Bednarik, Rastislav Dobos, Peter Gaspar, Jan Petrek and illustrated by Valer Fabcin).
This collection of stories has ended up in the 11th place on the STV (Slovak Television) book search “My Best Book” for the nation's best-loved novel of all time, which was licensed by BBC that originally named it “The Big Read”.
Moreover, Juraj Jakubisko, a famous Slovak film director who baptized it, said that it was one of the best books in his life.
An excellent Godfather.

The goat is a congenial animal and does not deserve death. Also the human is congenial and does not deserve death. Simply said, the human has not merited death in any way, nevertheless death is imminent for the human. Thus something is still completely for free on Earth after all.

Not only Death is for free, but also the four authors under the brand Bapasaba are writing for free hoping that their work will not be for nothing. Together they are responsible for Death of the Goat, or in other words, a quantum time dimensional fluctuation of the goat. In their opinion life is a temporary lack of death. Logical order is breaking up, and leaking radiators are repairing themselves. The authors ran out into the world to find out that death is omnipresent. They communicate this to each other via emails, and they do not look through the corner of their left eye in order not to see the irregularity in their field of vision where Death may be hiding.

So in their stories placed among emails you will find an unclear fact that they are afraid. They are afraid that this life is for real!

“It cannot be stopped. The diagnosis will only be getting worse. There is no way out.“


The authors reserve all rights. Any unauthorized use of the published text and illustrations or parts thereof are forbidden.
(Authors´ contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).



(The English version of the webpage is under construction. Currently, Balance Sheet and Milky Sap and Air Surfer have been translated. Death of the Goat is being worked on by Mr. Anton Garabas)

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